After the great success of IQOS 3 DUO, Phillip Morris IQOS family launched the new IQOS device called IQOS 3 MULTI – BRILLIANT GOLD. This device grabs people’s attention for its excellent color and slim design. You can experience something new, you don’t need to carry this IQOS 3Multi Brilliant Gold with you because it does not need case charging so you can feel the best IQOS experience without carrying it. The fantastic design and classy golden color can make anyone obsessed with this device. This particular IQOS 3 MULTI device allows you to enjoy 10 consecutive tobacco experience on a single charge. If you’re a traveler then it’s a perfect choice for you, because you can enjoy ten heatsticks on a spot. It comes with pocket size design and a portable charger. It has a feature to monitor all your activities with it using its vibrant alerts and also has enhanced daylight LED illumination for all conditions. Undoubtedly this IQOS device is for you if you are trying to have a better experience with IQOS products. Let’s have a short took at the feature of this amazing IQOS 3 MULTI- BRILLIANT GOLD

  • Cleaning sticks. 
  • USB Type-C cable with AC adapter. 
  • Easy to use and no complexity. 
  • Unique and fashionable pocket-size design.

Phillip Morris had made such a great change in smoking to offer the best smoking experience differently. This device is using the technology of heating the tobacco to make ready to be smoked at a low temperature by heating and gives you the experience of smoking without any air pollution including ash, tar, smoke, and harmful substances consumption. The toxicity level is reduced to 90 – 95 percent by following this process.

We are a trusted source of IQOS lovers so if you want to get one then make purchases from us. Customer satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we always make sure to offer the best quality products.

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    V****n (verified owner)

    Your service had been amazing and I would recommend and reorder from again purely because of your customer service 🙂

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    Levon (verified owner)

    Thanks for the best customer service of my life!!!

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    Leah (verified owner)

    The device is super! I make a review after several tests. Works clearly, without complaints. Externally also very good. Shipping fast. Thank you, salesman. Everything is fine!

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    Ian L. (verified owner)

    Just received my order… I know I haven’t said so in the past when I’ve ordered, but thanks for being so awesome.

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    Amber (verified owner)

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow thank you so much ; ) Thank you – great attitude to customer!!! Wish good luck with your online store!!!! .. and make sure I’ll make next order soon ; )

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IQOS 3Multi Brilliant Gold IQOS 3 Multi – Brilliant Gold

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