Creations Glaze heets are the type of heets that just can’t get enough of once you give it a try. The aroma of these heatsticks will pierce you through. The effect of its taste lasts for a long time. What makes these heets great? The mixture of fresh flavorful spices and amazing aromatic herbs make glaze heets awesome. A perfect creamy finish of both enhances the IQOS smoking experience. If you have not tried this version of IQOS family heets yet then you are missing it. You might have been trying many versions of IQOS but you must try it to get the fresh herbal sensation which will be unique and long-lasting.

IQOS device does not require lighters like regular cigarettes because it uses heating technology and saves you from the smoke and ashes. Instead of burning, the IQOS heating system prepares a mixture of tobacco heating the additive flavors of creations Glaze Heets cigarettes. Therefore, you can enjoy Creations Glaze heets indoor without worrying about ruining the condition of the air inside your room. This process also protects you from the harmful substances that come with the conventional cigarette smoking method. Let’s take a look at the things that you can have from Creation Glaze heets:

  • Fragrant herbs aroma.
  • Excellent nonsmoking experience.
  • A brand new aromatic version in the IQOS heets family.
  • Lots of different flavors to enjoy in one pack.
  • 6.1g tobacco mix per sticks.

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Creations Glaze HEETS Creations Glaze HEETS

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