You must already taste heets for the yellow label because the experience of IQOS usually starts with this heatsticks for most of the people. If you have been longing for the real tobacco taste and flavor then Yellow label is here to provide you that without any smoke or ash. Only the handpicked tobacco is used for making IQOS Yellow Label for providing you a much better smoking experience. What makes it offer a better experience? A similar aromatic blend flavor of Marlboro heatsticks mixed with a balanced and rich fragrance make it irresistible. Its airy smoky flavor helps it enhance the IQOS smoking experience much more. If you want to taste the real flavor of nicotine then this is something you need to try right now.

You can enjoy IQOS Yellow Label heets with IQOS 3, IQOS Multi, 2.4 plus, and 2.4 including all other IQOS devices because these heets are compatible with each IQOS device. IQOS devices are a safer option compared to regular cigarettes. This is why IQOS heets are a great alternative to conventional cigarettes. You might wonder what makes them better and safer. Here is what you need to know:

IQOS devices use a technology called “heat not burn” which means they do not burn the cigarettes but instead they choose to heat them at a lower temperature of only 350 degrees C warmth in the IQOS holder for consumption. This does not create any harmful substances for the body and it also creates no smoke, ash, or odor. This is how it enhances the smoking experience making it a safer option compared to the regular cigarettes. Yellow label heets are:

  • Compatible with every IQOS device.
  • Real tobacco taste from hand-picked tobacco.
  • Airy smoky flavor.
  • 20 heets cigarettes in one pack.
  • No ash, odor, smoke, and harmful substances.

Smoke-web is here for you to provide you with the best quality heets at reasonable prices.

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    The track was tracked. You can order not kick!!!

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    Thanks for being awesome!

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    Just letting you know I received my package today, thanks so much. and the handwritten note was a great touch of customer service. I will definitely recommend your store to others and will use again when needed.

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