The cutting edge technology used by IQOS devices makes Heets for IQOS Turquoise label a better alternative to regular cigarettes. It is a menthol product that refreshes you each time. You will have 20 IQOS cigarette sticks in each packet. And each ball has 10 packets. Each heatstick contains 0.5mg nicotine.

They are specially designed to be used on IQOS devices and they come with various flavor options for you to choose the ones you prefer. Only the handpicked tobacco is used to produce the IQOS Turquoise label for the best IQOS experience. If someone wants to have the real taste of cigarettes without any ash, odor, smoke, and without harming his body then IQOS products are a great option for them. You can also use it easily inside your house without

Smokers who care about their health always choose to have IQOS experience because the standard cigarettes burn at 800 degrees which is harmful to the body. But the IQOS holder prepares the IQOS heets at a lower temperature of 350 degrees without any tar or harmful substances. This process reduces the toxicity level to 95%. This is why shifting to IQOS from the regular cigarettes will be a great choice for you and more than 2.9 million smokers around the world have made this choice already and it’s time you make yours. A decade of research was done to come up with this method of smoking so that smokers around the world can have a better smoking experience more safely. Heets for the IQOS Turquoise label will offer you;

  • Enhanced smoking experience.Menthol for refreshment.
  • 95% less toxicity.
  • Handpicked tobacco.
  • The real taste of cigarettes without ash, smoke, and odor.

Grab the best quality Heets from Smoke-web at reasonable prices and have the best smoking experience.


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Heets Turquoise Label Heets For IQOS Turquoise Label

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