Looking for a tasty substitute for smoking cigarettes that is healthy? Creation Apricity Heets cigarettes are exactly what you must try now. It is a wonderful profound mixture of woody and fruity flavor with conventional tobacco that you should not miss. It is one of the best addition to the family of IQOS heets because of its velvety and creamy finishing. The irresistible warm fruity aroma of this IQOS heetsticks should be explored by everyone. A variety of flavored and smooth tobacco taste of the Creations Apricity Heets should not be missed by anyone.

Creations Apricity Heets cigarettes have adapted with the latest technology for providing an excellent smoking experience than ever before. It uses a tobacco heating system that is battery-powered. An IQOS holder heats the tobacco at a temperature of approximately 250-350 degrees whereas regular cigarettes burn at more than 800 degrees C. This lower heating system makes it much safer than the regular cigarette consuming method. Creation Apricity contains no harmful substances and tars which makes it a healthier smoking option and a great substitute for regular cigarettes. Let’s have a peek at the things that Creation Apricity offers:

  • Enjoy each heet for up to 14 puffs.
  • Excellent fruity aroma to enhance your IQOS experience.
  • Different flavored smooth tobacco tastes all in one pack.
  • 6.1g tobacco mix per stick.

Stop looking for heets online if you are planning to buy Creation Apricity heets for IQOS device because we provide the best IQOS products and we are a trusted source for thousands of customers across the world. Grab cheap heets near you with 100% original and highest quality that will surely bring you satisfaction. We will offer you the best IQOS shopping experience with top quality and reasonable prices.

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    J***n (verified owner)

    I got it guys!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome I really appreciate the service.. This is truly what I expect from you… This is the standard of service …keep what you got.

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    Lupea (verified owner)

    Perfect customer service and products. I will definitely buy again.

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    Audrey (verified owner)

    I will definitely recommend your business to my friends.

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    Scott (verified owner)

    Thanks again for your excellent work!

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