Among the many flavors of IQOS Heets, Green Zing is one of them and it is the first choice for many smokers. It is a great choice for you if you want to revive your smoking experience with IQOS because it contains invigorating menthol flavor. Its fabulous puffs with cooling sensations will blow your mind away and offer you something like never before. Citrus burst enhances the cooling sensation and the fragrance of boiling herb modifies each puff of Green Zing IQOS Heets. Its cool menthol is enhanced with homegrown notes and oranges for a rich texture.

Green Zing IQOS heets are compatible only for being used with IQOS devices. Many individuals prefer IQOS devices because they provide a much better smoking experience than regular cigarettes. IQOS devices are safer and healthier than the conventional smoking method because they make the heets ready for consumption at very low temperatures whereas regular cigarettes burn the tobacco at a high temperature while creating harmful substances for the body.

This is how IQOS is safer as it does not create tar or other harmful substances. IQOS smoking will not cause you other problems such as; odor, smoke, or ash just like regular cigarettes. As a result, you can consume them inside your room without worrying about ruining the residential air conditioners. Regular cigarettes also cause harm to the people around you like your friends and family with the smoke they inhale from it. But Green Zing IQOS heets will not give you problems like that at all. Let’s see what Green Zing has to offer you:

  • The kick is not too low and not too high. 
  • Awesome cooling menthol.
  • The original fragrance of spicy herbs.

Buy the highest quality heets for IQOS from us at a very reasonable price. We are a trusted source for all the IQOS users in the market.


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Heets Green Zing Heets For IQOS Green Zing

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