All cables are not suitable for your IQOS devices. The wrong types of cable which are not compatible can damage your device. This is why you need the exact perfect USB cable that is compatible with your device to keep the device battery in good condition and make it more durable. Worried about finding the right USB cable for your IQOS 3 device? Have you lost the charger you already had or have it got damaged somehow?

Do not worry at all because Smoke-web has the 2A high speed charging micro USB cable which is 100% compatible with your IQOS 3 devices. This is the cable your device needs for effective and efficient charging. You can save your time using this cable because it allows your IQOS device to be fully charged in a very short amount of time. You can use many sources for charging such as; computer, external battery, or an electrical outlet. You might bend or twist the cable while charging your IQOS 3 device and IQOS 3 DUO and it will not cause any damage to the cable because it is perfectly built to go through these situations. We only stock the 100% original USB cables that are made using premium quality materials so that they can endure rough situations like bending, twisting, or even sometimes knots. The ports are designed and made in such ways that they will perfectly fit and firmly grip both the device and the charger. The charging process uses a USB cable and IQOS AC power adapter.

  • Category: Accessories.
  • Brand: IQOS USB cable.
  • 2A high-speed charging.
  • Charge from a wide variety of devices.
  • Endures bends and twists.
  • 100% original and made of premium quality material.

Smoke-web is dedicated to providing only the highest quality IQOS products at reasonable prices for the satisfaction of customers.


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IQOS 3 USB Cable IQOS 3 USB Cable