If you have been using IQOS for a while now then you must know that it is not a new thing when some tobacco debris gets stuck inside your IQOS device. Yeah, you might have a cleaning tool that might be helpful to you and maybe you use the hook that comes with the cleaning tool to clean the inside of your device. But some tobacco debris is stuck so badly that even the hook of the cleaning tool cannot clear it out from your device. If you have been facing this situation lately then you have nothing to worry about because Smokeweeb got you covered.

Smoke-web presents you with the best quality IQOS original cleaning sticks so that you can clean your IQOS device properly. These 100% original cleaning sticks for IQOS can reach the deepest part of your device that the cleaning tool and the hook of the cleaning tool cannot reach. These cleaning sticks come in handy when the hook is unable to clean that stubborn tobacco debris. These cleaning sticks are so moist that they can be used effectively for optimal cleaning performance. Our cleaning sticks are specially designed in such a way that they can be used effectively. The special shape gives them more ability to clean the inside of the device compared to other normal cleaning sticks. 30 original IQOS cleaning sticks come in one packet. Only one pack of these cleaning sticks will give you enough opportunities for cleaning your IQOS device multiple times.

  • White color.
  • Brand: Moist cleaning sticks.
  • Category: Accessories.
  • Optimal cleaning performance.
  • Special shape for more cleaning ability.
  • 1 pack contains 30 cleaning sticks.

If you have been looking for the best quality IQOS products online at reasonable prices then you should know that Smokeweeb is a trusted name in this sector. Order from us if you want to have the highest quality IQOS cleaning sticks in the market.


4 reviews for IQOS ORIGINAL Cleaning Sticks (30)

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    Jesse (verified owner)

    Good service but not so speedy shipping!!

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    R***l (verified owner)

    Thank you ! Very good cleaning sticks for IQOS

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    Melissa (verified owner)

    Good seller. Fast shipping. Item as described.

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    V***a (verified owner)

    Sent for a long time, went even longer, tracked, came after the extension of the period. I’m glad that still came…

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