It is easy to remember the charger of your phone but it is easy to forget about your IQOS charger. Mobile phones are being around you for much more time than the IQOS device. Therefore, it is easy to forget about the IQOS charger. If you have been forgetting your IQOS charger to carry with you while going somewhere then you need an IQOS car charger and Smoke-web is the right place to find the best quality IQOS ORIGINAL Car Charger.

Once you have this IQOS car charger in your car, you can get away with forgetting your pocket charger at your room while being 100 miles away from your home. You forget your pocket charger and there is your car charger to back you up. A fully charged device can give you service for hours but not for days. So, when you are going on a trip forgetting your pocket charger at home, only the IQOS car charger is there for you to help you get all the flavors and tastes of heets throughout your trip. If you need one then grab one car charger from Smokeweeb and forget the tension of running out of charge on your trip or when you are outside of the home.

The delicate design of this IQOS car charger ensures that it fits perfectly into your car plug and offers you every power you need for your IQOS device. The charger is made out of high-quality material to build a firm connection with the charging cable and it has a type-A port for effortless and effective connection build-up.

  • Color: Black.
  • Brand: Car charger.
  • Category: accessories.
  • Type-A port.
  • Perfect fit into your car plug.

If you have been looking for the highest quality IQOS related products online at reasonable prices then Smoke-web is the destination you have been trying to reach all along.

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    Christopher (verified owner)

    Thank you again, and definitely I have you guys in my top list for future needs.

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    A****n (verified owner)

    Cool, comfortable and very practical. Simple to use. Recommend.

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    Brooke (verified owner)

    You all are great. Best Heets shop I’ve ever been. Thanks a lot girls and boys!

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